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Hi, my name is Frank and my passion is traveling and immersing myself in different cultures. So far I have visited more than 60 countries and I don't plan to stop any time soon.  Traveling long periods of time used to be much easier when I was a student but my profession in IT gives me the flexibility I want to keep pursuing this passion while also having a great life balance.

Paco comes from my 5 month trip around South-America as Colombians used Paco as a diminutive for Francisco. I kept that nickname ever since.

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Recent blog post

A Two Week Roadtrip around Albania

Having done all the Balkans a few years before, I heard that Albania was still decades behind from a touristic perspective and especially transportation. I assumed that the country would be hectic to visit and difficult to get around. Turns out that Albania is one of the best countries at...

Two weeks road trip in Georgia and Azerbaijan

This trip occurred in May 2018. Visiting Baku Baku is the capital and the largest city of Azerbaijan. The city is built about 28 meters under the sea level and interestingly, this makes it the lowest capital in the world. We were lucky when we were there as the temperature was perfect and...

Two Weeks Around the Garden Route of South Africa

Cape town I arrived downtown in the later afternoon using the public transporation from the airport. My Airbnb where I was to meet my friend was further than expected. I had to walk a good 45 minutes from the central bus stop to that neighborhood. The first moments walking a new country...