Five Months of Backpacking Around South-America

I just came back from a 5 month trip around South America where my best friend and I explored 10 countries. We spent most of our time traveling the West coast of the continent from Northern Colombia all the way down to the most southern city in the World. You can see here the full itinerary of our backpacking trip around south america. I decided to share all the information concerning the cost of the trip and my budget in a very detailed post to help people who wants to do a similar trip.


My Travel site

My name is Frank, when traveling, I sometimes go backpacking as Paco, since it was far easier to pronounce in several countries. My blog BackPaco sums up my experience and various traveling information I wish to share. My goal is to get more people to backpack and make the big leap towards a long trip. Having traveled around 50 countries I am starting to develop various budgeting techniques and I perfected my filming and editing skills over several trips. Over time filming has become a real passion; trying to get people into the moment and, for me, those videos are the best souvenirs – tangible memories. This traveling blog regroup information categorized per countries and continents. I just came back from traveling 5 months in South America and for the next months I will be sharing information on all the wonderful places I have been to.