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Archive - August 2014

2 days in Tayrona National Park

We spent two days in Tayrona National Park. Here is the video. Having traveled most of the Caribbean’s I am not shy to say I know a lot about beaches of the region. It turned out Tayronna National Park is one of my all time favourite. The park is vast and offers great sightseeing and also several opportunities like sleeping in hammocks for a low price. The beaches...

bogota NY

Preparation for 4 months in South-America

Usually, traveling requires me very little time when it comes to preparing my backpack and I am proud to say I travel lightly.  I once traveled Europe with less than 20 litters for a month and it went really well and in Eastern-Europe I almost filled a 45 litter backpack because of mountaineering. I felt like that was way too much back then. But for South-America...

alaska cruise ship

14 days Cruiseship in Alaska

In 2012 I did a 14 day cruise ship that left from Vancouver.
I visited:

Glacier Bay National Park

It was an awesome trip as it allowed me to really experience the grandeur of the wilderness in Alaska. Visit rain-forest, glaciers, interesting cities and discover aboriginal culture more deeply.

greyhound montreal new-york

Day 1: Montreal to New-York

I am currently in a Jet Blue plane flying over Cuba at around 700 km/hour for a great price. Trying to find the cheapest airfare is always a challenge for me and my friend. This time we managed to get a one-way ticket to Cartagena for 207$ CAD leaving from New-York. Having the departure straight from Montreal was about twice that price. So a Greyhound bus (70$) to...