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Archive - October 2014

Bogota the Capital of Colombia

Bogota is a huge city. From the top of Montserrat, an altitude of 3200 meters, you can observe part of the 8 million habitants populating the valley. Gigantic cities are usually complicated to visit but luckily everything is grouped up within a few kilometers of each other in Bogota. Pretty much, it can all be visited by walking through the colourful streets from one...

Information about Isla de Plata / Poor Man’s Galapagos

Isla de Plata, also known as poor man’s Galapagos, is an island located 55 kilometer away from Porto Lopez Ecuador. Booking a day trip is a very interesting option as the island holds a large biodiversity on its protected grounds. Cost Usually tourists booking the tour will either take it from Porto Lopez itself or from the village of Montanita. Agencies in Montanita...