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National Park

Top 10 Pictures of Yosemite National Park

Yosemite is in my opinion the most beautiful national park in the world. Actually, without its beauty, the concept of National Parks  would have been far different. It took time for humans to realize that nature should be preserved and that laws are required. John Muir invited the president Theodore Roosevelt to show him just how beautiful the place was; it was being...

A day at Concha Bay of Tayrona – Santa Marta

Concha Bay is a lovely Bay located nearby Santa Marta in Colombia. It takes around 25 minutes to access the beach and the price to get there was and spend the day at the beach was around 25 000 Peso (15$.) This bay probably isn’t as pretty as the rest of Tayrona Park but it really offers a nice and peaceful day right next to the city. Everybody there is very friendly...

Exploring Zion National Park

I fell in love with Yosemite National Park first time I went there. While hiking I met a couple with whom I walked for a few hours; we exchanged a lot and discussed many subject. One of the things that kept my attention the most is when they explained me that Zion can offer as much as Yosemite. From that point going to Yosemite was a serious goal. I really...