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Getting A Hostel / Hotel In Montanita Ecuador

Montanita is that wonderful small  town where the Hippie vibe meets the surfing one. It’s hard to know if  an outsider there should be called a tourist considering how long some of them have squatted the town. We met many travelers who were just going to Ecuador for a Month but once they arrived in Montanita everything changed; they ended up never leaving and giving up all their plans of going back to their previous life.

For many, Montanita is what they have always wanted: the dream life with no worries at an extremely affordable price!

I presume your plan is to only spend a couple of days or weeks there and enjoy the place fully with the following activities.

Surfing class in Montanita: This town is one of the absolute best place to learn Surf. The only thing better than the waves is the low prices of the private and group surfing lessons.

Spanish class in Montanita: Many hostels offer Spanish classes and the town has been awarded prizes for having some of the best spanish class for tourist in South America. The Ecuadorian accent is almost none existent, the verbal speed is great and the absence of slang in their vocabulary will help you pick up excellent Spanish.

Party hard in Montanita: Some of the best clubs of the West Coast are there! They can even brag to have the best sound system of all South-America in an outside club where you dance in the sand all night. Also the cocktail street can get you tipsy for a dollar or two; more then 10$ and your done for!

Montanita cool

Well back to finding a Hostel in Montanita!

How to Find a Hostel in Montanita

The information on the web and the choices concerning accommodations in Montanita is quite limited. Well actually don’t do the mistake of booking on the Web or you’ll end up at the Iguana Hostel (the absolute worst Hostel I had in my life.) Once you arrive there you realize there are more then 15 hostels and 30 hotels. Almost everyone of them is one or two street away from the beach!

Walk Around

On the first day, just walk around! Usually you will be arriving very early in the morning with the Bus so don’t be shy to enter all the hostels and Hotels and see what they can offer you. Walk around the entire town it will take you two or three hours and after that you should know exactly what you preferences are.

On this map RED: HOSTELS and BLUE:Hotels/Guesthouse.

montanita map

Bargain around Montanita!

The accommodation market is quite competitive in Montanita and you can bargain with the owners to get some great prices. If you sleep directly downtown you will end up paying a bit more and being directly on the beach will also cost you.

There is a high touristic season in Montanita and from January to March the place will be absolutely swarming with tourists from everywhere and the prices will be actually pretty high 15$ for a hostel and 30-55$ for a hotel. However, would you go during the low season people are desperate to fill their hostel and hotels. We got a beautiful Hotel with a few on the sea and direct access to the beach and included breakfast for 30$ night for a big room (15$ each since we were two!) The owner also introduced us to his friend who gave us surfs for the week if in exchange we took our surfing lessons with him.

Montanita night

Have Fun!

If you want to party hard and don’t mind music up to 5 in the morning since you won’t be in your room – Then go downtown

Want the beach: Negotiate a price to have a nice room on a hotel directly on the beach – taking your morning coffee with your feet in the ocean is worth a few bucks more.

Want to save money: Go further from the beach and the town and you’ll find 5$ night accommodations.

Ever been to Montanita; let me know how much and where you slept!

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