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Guacamayo ecolodge

Guacamayo lodge – Cubayano Reserve Ecuador

Animals we saw

Many insects and ants, Toucans, pink dolphins, anacondas, boas, Amazonian river snakes, Owl monkeys, red howler monkeys, squirrel tailed monkeys, over 20 species of birds and parrots, many species of fishes and also electrics eels, tarantulas, scorpions, many kind of frogs and hundreds of Caymans.


Cubayano National Park – GUACAMAYO ECOLODGE


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  • Paddling in rivers and lakes of the amazon
  • Motor boating the region
  • Day and night hike in the forest (Terra-ferma, swamps, Terra-humida)
  • Finding Caymans and fishes in the rivers
  • Finding anacondas and other reptiles in swamps at night
  • Learning about the fauna and animal manipulation
  • Swimming in the Amazonian river

This pretty much felt like a day camp for adults. Danger is real; you realize quickly enough how everything in the jungle has evolved in ways that can be deadly for you. The lodge, built in the national park, was awesome and located a couple of hours of boats from the closest road. We managed to see in 5 days so many different animals in different habitats that it surpassed our already high expectations.

What really make this great are the guides; without a guide there really isn’t much to see. A good guide can spot from far away all kind of animals and make the boat stop for better observations. Our guide was Jairo and he was awesome and knew how to keep things interesting and extreme for 4 guys. We wanted real adventure and it got delivered.




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