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Machu Picchu HD Video – Road to Machu Picchu

The road to Machu Picchu is hard to describle. Videos can hardly do justice to it… except for this video. It blew my mind away and got so many souvenirs flying back to me.

This video is a masterpiece that lasts almost 5 minutes but every second of it will transport you right there.

Who is Devin Supertramp:

‘Ever since I was a little kid I was borrowing my parents camera’s to get the shot that no one else could … That resulted with several cameras busted … I have continued this passion ever since! There was never any other option, it was destiny, true love.’

‘Everyone thinks that I just go out there and have fun, party and be a rock star, but the truth of the matter is what I do, it is work, it’s a crazy amount of work, I absolutely love it, I’ll keep doing it ’til the day I die.’


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