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Review of Hostel Dreamer of Santa Marta


Within minutes after arriving, I already had such a good feeling about that place. The staff at the reception felt like friends right away, they were so friendly and wanted to know everything about our trip and our origins. It took us a while to sign the papers because of all the jokes and the fun.

Once the paperwork was done they walked us around the hostel and showed us all there is to do. The hostel feels way more like an all included hotel then a hostel. The architecture of the hostel is brilliantly made. Everything is built around the pool in the middle of the yard and there are hammocks separating the open corridors leading to the rooms. Every room at the hostel has a name of a country and a very good artist painted the walls around each room so we can recognize the country visually.

Knowing your room is quite important as they make you a tab. You order a beer and they ask you your name and room. Makes everything really not complicated and you don’t have to walk around the hostel with items in your pocket. One of the best things of the hostel was their restaurant. In the morning you could get a great breakfast with cooks doing you customized omelettes for a total of 5$. During lunch and it then became a specialized Italian restaurant. I am a fan of paste and WOW… the pasta they served made me feel in Italia. I was so impressed by their food and right now I miss it dearly!

During the day the hostel is an oasis of peace and fun. People relax around the pool while others volleyball and chill in the pool. Many travellers spend hours sleeping in the hammocks recovering from their hangovers.

The hostel is perfectly adapted for hangover recovery and that is a good thing. With a tab that keeps building up for every Aguilla you take and drinks in the happy hours it is not long before you start feeling tipsy. Afterwards, drinking games animated by the staff starts and first thing you know you got a memorable night going on! They also have several night life activities and we where lucky to get on a Chiva Bus with 55 people from the hostel: one of the craziest night of my life. A Chiva  Bus is a bus that got converted into an all you can drink night club. You can read more about the Chiva Bus here!

Some activities are also offered a at a great price. I spent one day in Minca and one day at Concha Bay.

I strongly recommend this hostel to anyone. I just had to write this!

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