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Backpacking South America | The Video

In 2014 my best friend and I decided to head out for the trip of a lifetime to live the dream. At first, our aim was to leave 8 months and to go around all of South-America. Because of my university semester, we ended up leaving 4 months and a half; not as long as initially planned but we still managed to go all around the continent at a pace where we felt we...

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The Video Editing Software I Use For Travel Videos

I have been asked several questions on the software I use to make my traveling videos. I only know several editing programs out there, so keep in mind there might be better alternatives for you. Also depending the computer im using, if i’m traveling, the desired quality of the video; my choice will vary. Gopro Studio Pros of the GoPRO Studio GoPro studio is...

GoPro Timelapse of Peru and Bolivia

I love to do time-lapse, it is one of those moments where you decide you like a place much that you will sit down and relax while your camera shoots for 5-10-15-25 minutes. You just sit there and watch the events unfold before your eyes; the subtle changes in colors, the barely perceptible movements of clouds, the actions slowly unfolding around you. Those...