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Graffiti and Street Art in Chile – Valparaiso & Santiago

Chile has amazing street art and graffiti. Walking around the streets of multiple neighbourhoods is a true delight! You never know what you will find on the next corner and you keep walking with a big smile on your face; some cities are open sky museums. There are a few other towns in South America where street art is omnipresent : Bogotá, Buenos Aires are strong contenders.

Chile is a very safe country except for some petty theft and walking around really isn’t a problem. I’d recommend buying some fresh fruits from a street vendors while exploring the city. So here are the top 10 pictures from the street art and the graffiti of Valparaiso & Santiago.

My friend Michael French took these amazing pictures; you should take a look at his Instagram https://instagram.com/michael.french.foto/

Graffiti in Chile 3 Graffiti in Chile 4 Graffiti in Chile 6 Graffiti in Chile 7 Graffiti in Chile 8 Graffiti in Chile 9 Graffiti in Chile 10 Graffiti in Chile 11 Graffiti in Chile


I am a Canadian who just graduated in engineering. My passion is traveling and I am currently exploring north-eastern Europe.

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