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Archive - October 2019

Hiking Mount Marcy in New-York | All you need to know

The highest peak of the State of New-York is Mount Marcy ( 5,344 feet | 1,629 m ) The 9 mile trail is a very rewarding and fun one that can be done in less than 7 hours by advanced hikers or 9 hours for hikers looking for a great view and a day in the great outdoor. Where to start the hike and how to get there : The trail to the summit of Mount Marcy is easy to find...

A Two Week Roadtrip around Albania

Having done all the Balkans a few years before, I heard that Albania was still decades behind from a touristic perspective and especially transportation. I assumed that the country would be hectic to visit and difficult to get around. Turns out that Albania is one of the best countries at the moment to visit as the they possess everything to make travelers delighted...