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Travel tips

The Best Way to Pack Your Backpack

Once you hit the road for a long time, you somehow start to feel like a turtle and that backpack of yours becomes the closest thing you got to a temporary home. contrarily to popular belief it really isn’t about having a big backpack with many liters but to maximize the space in it. You can compress heavy loads in small backpacks. However, carrying a lot of...

10 Tricks To Save Money On Car Rental

When it comes to renting a car for that perfect trip, there are several steps to follow to get your hands on a great deal. I will discuss The Obvious: Travel during Low Touristic Season Car companies all have major car inventories to answer the high seasonal peaks of demand. Would you happen to travel outside that time, only a small percentage of all the cars they...

The Best Websites For Car Rental Price

Roadtrips are the best way to explore a country. Having the flexibility to go explore any road and the possibility to stop at each spot that seems worth of interest can open new perspectives on how we see a country. Renting a car doesn’t have to be expensive business in fact it can save you money if you decide to camp or sleep in the car. Best Websites For Car...