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Top 10 Pictures Mancora Peru and Loki Hostel

Mancora is an interesting small town. It could even call it the Walt Disney of drugs and surf. Those taxi drivers in general don’t even do the job to drive you around, they do it to sell you their products. Anyway, who would need to take a cab in this tiny town? You spend most of your time at the beach relaxing and surfing or at your hostel drinking and enjoying the other travelers that reached this destination. Mancora, in far northern Peru, is off the beaten tracks and the crowd is young and adventurous. The prices are a bit expensive considering it’s really a town that strives on backpackers take enjoy the 350 days of sun and beautiful weather.

The main reason to go to Mancora would be the party life. Staying at Loki Hostel Mancora is like living in the best resort surrounded by backpackers with amazing personalities and stories to share. Eventually they will build an airport nearby and like a lot of other places it will become more accessible to conventional tourism and a part of his current charm will evaporate. I think we still got a couple of years to go and enjoy it!

My friend Michael French took these amazing pictures; you should take a look at his Instagram https://instagram.com/michael.french.foto/

mancora peru Mancorra peru picture 2 Mancorra peru picture 3 Mancorra peru picture 4 Mancorra peru picture 5 Mancorra peru picture 6Mancorra peru picture 8 Mancorra peru picture 9 Entrada a Mancora Piura


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