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A sunday in Bogota

Bogota has temperatures in the low 20’s Celsius walking is very tolerable and the city is in high altitude so it is usually cloudy. Sometimes while walking a small fog will surround you accompanied by delicate raindrops that are refreshing. That fog is in fact the inside of the cloud coming down from Montserrat. So temperature wise: perfect.

On Sunday almost everything is closed in the city. As a consequence people go in the streets. Bogota initiated the ciclovias movements 30 years ago. Ciclovias happen each Sunday and public holiday from 7 am until 2 pm certain main are blocked off to cars for runners, skaters, and bicyclists. At the same time, stages are set up in city parks. Musicians and performers lead people through various performances. Also there are street food stands everywhere where you have diversified choices for around a dollar.  Walking a street slowly, stopping to see the musicians and performers is a luxury. I also recommend you stop and ask questions about the food. Often, you will be offered free samples.

Another great thing about a Sunday in Bogota is the museums. The city has many museums and they are all free of entrance on Sundays. The Gold Museum, the museum of Civilisation and the museum of Botero are the main attractions.


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My name is Paco and I traveled more than 70 countries in the past 10 years. Currently trying to balance traveling to new places, working and being the father of a beautiful little girl.

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