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Entire cost of my trip around South America in details

I decided to share with you all the information about my trip. People called me ”very German” on this trip when they saw I was tracking all spending every day. On my end, it was more like a game and a way to do incredible things thanks to good financial spending comprehension.

Here is all the information you need to know about my  trip.

We made our budget by sticking the these criteria:

  • We always eat at restaurants (we cooked 5 times in the trip)
  • Try all activities that seemed fun
  • Sleep in hostels that had a good rating – also we are two and it sometimes reduces the price
  • Good nightlife
  • Pay more to have “comfortable” night bus

So we do spend more than most backpackers; maybe 2x more! Keep that in mind.

South America Backpack budget


Spending before leaving (all numbers in CAD)

A lot of money is spent getting ready for a big trip and the plane tickets bought in advance can save you so much money.

Mountain Equip coop (MEC): 500$

Bought my 65 litter Gregory bag and some survival gear for long treks and the Amazonian forest.

Sail outdoor equipment: 250$

2 pairs of shoes – one of them stayed home where it could be expressed shipped if I had any issues with my traveling ones (you can’t really find shoes my size in those countries; and shoes are the most important thing on a trip). Turned out one pair of shoes was enough – I still wear the ones from my trip even though there are holes in them! Love those Salomon Gore-Tex shoes. Also bought a rain jacket.

Vaccination: 140$

Had to be vaccinated to 7 viruses in 4 shots. I did not get the rabies shot because they are too expensive in Canada. Also got many Malaria tablets.

Airplane tickets: 2215$

We bought the tickets 4 months before leaving and we modified our earlier trip idea based to the price of the tickets.

south america airplane ticket

GoPro and gear: 450$

Decided to ditch my Contour camera for this trip and get a GoPro hero 3+ Silver. I also bought different mounts and two memory cards.

So even before leaving I had spent around 3500$ and took several items from my previous trips to save a bit of money.

expenses during the trip

Before leaving I did a cost analysis of every country in which I divided to cost in the following structure.

  • Hostel
  • Food
  • Transportation: A lot of bus and sometimes some taxi
  • Other & activities: Party, daily activities and other stuff

Colombia: 1,025$ (daily budget 57$)


Ecuador: 1400$ (daily budget 52$)


Peru: 1692$ (daily budget 62$)


Bolivia: 1226$ (daily budget 52$)


Chile: 1028$ (daily budget 70$)


Patagonia: 667$ (daily budget 120$)


Argentine: 262$ (daily buget 70$)


Uruguay: 121$ (daily budget 50$)


Paraguay: 326$ (daily budget 65$)


Brazil: 342$ (daily budget 70$)


Panama: 288$ (daily budget 50$)



My name is Paco and I traveled more than 70 countries in the past 10 years. Currently trying to balance traveling to new places, working and being the father of a beautiful little girl.

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