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The Video Editing Software I Use For Travel Videos

I have been asked several questions on the software I use to make my traveling videos. I only know several editing programs out there, so keep in mind there might be better alternatives for you. Also depending the computer im using, if i’m traveling, the desired quality of the video; my choice will vary.

Gopro Studio

gopro studio travel video

Pros of the GoPRO Studio

GoPro studio is very light weight, so when I travel it tends to be my favorite choice since my backpacking computer really is terrible.  GoPro Studio is an excellent software for  entry level editors and it is optimized for GoPro. It is one of the software I have used that crashes the less and  exporting a video is done really quickly. Also, if you are a fan of GoPro time-lapse, you can create some of them in seconds with a simple drag and drop as the software is built with that core function along with many others. When it comes to playing with the various specs of images (saturation, speed, contrast, etc) you are offered a wide range of  choices and those are done instantly. GoPro studio is a great choice when traveling since you can make a pretty good video in 45 minutes once you know how to use it; and on that 45 minute a good 15 minute will be used for the files to be converted to the editing format… So let’s say a strong 30 minutes!

Perfect for traveling, quick videos and GoPro users who want to share decent videos on the road.  It lacks a lot of functionalities but at the same time it makes it a lighter program.

Cons of the GoPRO Studio

The software is originally for GoPro cameras using it with other ones might lead to some problems. Keep in mind that this program isn’t intended high-end software, it’s really made for amateurs. If you are looking to make an EPIC video you might want to go for something a little more robust. Some of the issues are the lack of control on the sound (good videos require perfect timing between music and action.)

A YouTube video I made with the GoPro studio:

[youtube width=”550″ height=”400″ video_id=”wLf0wTKs8XU”]

CyberLink Power Director


powerdirector travel video

Pros of the CyberLink Power Director

Power Director is a very powerful editing software that manages to offer extremely good editing capabilities while not draining all the juice from your computer. Making videos with perfectly edited colors and great control on the timing of every frame is fairly easy. This program is an hybrid between middle class software and high end ones. The learning curve is really small and it might even make you remember Windows Movie Maker. The biggest strength of this program is how easy every thing is to micro-manage quickly. I usually start by breaking down the music at the various point where I want to change vide so it fits perfectly with the beat.

Great to get high quality videos but it might take you a bit of patience if the program decides to crash. The export option might not be perfect but once you get to know the program you can find a good match.

Cons of the CyberLink Power Director

I got to admit that this video editing software does crash often WHEN YOU SAVE. This is not great at all because I often need to start over some editing I was proud of and can rarely feel that the 2nd time I try to re-do it the results are as great. Another downside is adding text to the video and the transitions they make me feel im playing with features from 2005. The exportation tool lacks various features but after several test you can figure out what format comes out the best for your video. Also once you apply different modifications to a scene (lightning, contrast etc) well you can’t make it play directly in the software as it becomes to buggy; you’ll need to export the entire movie and watch the results. I usually make the entire video, then modify the scenes and then tweak it 2-3 times before I judge it perfect.

 A YouTube video I made with Power Director:



My name is Paco and I traveled more than 70 countries in the past 10 years. Currently trying to balance traveling to new places, working and being the father of a beautiful little girl.

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